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2020 Preservation Award Application

2020 Preservation Award Application Available Now!
Early Bird Deadline:
Thursday, October 31, 2019
Application Fee $100
Final Deadline:
Thursday, November 14, 2019
Application Fee $150

The Los Angeles Conservancy welcomes applications for its 39th Annual Preservation Awards, honoring outstanding achievement in historic preservation. An independent jury of distinguished architects, preservation professionals, and business and community leaders selects awards. We will present the awards at a luncheon in spring 2020.

Please read below carefully before submitting your application, and contact us if you have any questions.

Submission Instructions

The Conservancy must receive all applications by 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, November 14, 2019.

Please submit your application online by:

  • Paying the nonrefundable processing fee ($100 before October 31, $150 before November 14)
  • Uploading the following application elements to a file-sharing service (such as Dropbox) and sharing a link to that folder with us

*Please use the provided templates 

Pay the application fee online >

You are responsible for ensuring that all elements of the application are in your shared folder on Dropbox or another file-sharing service. We reserve the right to disqualify any application not received by the deadline, regardless of technical or delivery error. We will refund any fee payments for applications not received in time.

Confirmation of Receipt

We confirm receipt of all applications and payments. If you do not receive a confirmation by 5 p.m. on Thursday, November 14, please contact Erik Van Breene at vanbreene@laconservancy.org or (213) 430-4206.


The types of projects eligible for a Preservation Award include:

  • Construction projects: restoration, rehabilitation, or adaptive reuse of a residential, commercial, or institutional structure
  • Preservation plans, programs, policies, or studies
  • Educational programs in historic preservation (courses, publications, conferences, etc.)
  • Grassroots preservation efforts by an individual or group
  • Cultural landscapes (eligible for the Royce Neuschatz Award, established to honor the former Conservancy Board member and advocate for open space in the urban environment)

To qualify for a Preservation Award, a project must:


Please submit:

  • Project photos presentation (Microsoft PowerPoint)
    • Please place individual JPEG images in slide presentation; one image per slide and please provide captions below photo when necessary to provide context. Use black background only. Do not include company logos, watermarks, or any other graphics/designs on slide. Download the template
  • Individual images 40 – 50 JPEG images (preferred, but no hard minimum or maximum); no thumbnails; 150 dpi

Please include a range of images, preferably in color (except for historic photos), including:

  • Historic views of the structure, site, area, and/or people involved in the story
  • The structure/site/project over the years, showing its evolution
  • The site (exterior, interior, detail) before the project began
  • The preservation work in progress and the people involved with the project (specific tasks, including the workers completing work; for non-construction projects: events, organizing meetings, press clips, etc.)
  • The completed project (corresponding to “before” images if possible)
  • People at the completed project/using the work completed (people celebrating at reopening event, people at community events, people using the spaces for their intended purpose, etc.)
  • Any other images that help tell the story of the project and its positive impact on the community and/or the field of preservation
High-Resolution Images of the Completed Project

In addition, please include:

  • 3 – 5 high-resolution (300 dpi) JPEG color images of the completed project, both horizontal and vertical if possible
  • A Microsoft Word document containing photo credit information for each hi-resolution image

We will use one or more of these images to illustrate the project in educational and promotional materials including our website (permanently), newsletters, social media, and luncheon materials, as well as for press coverage.

By submitting photos of the project, you give the Conservancy permission to use these images for purposes related to the Conservancy’s Preservation Awards program, including a live presentation at the annual Preservation Awards Luncheon with over 600 attendees.

Application Tips

Tell a compelling, succinct story.

In addition to recognizing outstanding achievement, the Awards convey the value of historic preservation to a wide audience. Successful applications tell the story of their project in the most compelling way, encompassing:

  • The project’s historical context
  • Specific goals of the project
  • Specific challenges the project team had to overcome
  • The project’s benefits to the community
  • The broader lessons to be drawn from the project 
Use a range of descriptive, high-quality images.

Quality images are essential to conveying a project’s importance, challenges, and impact. Although Conservancy staff members may conduct site visits for nominated projects so that we can answer the jury’s questions, jury members themselves typically cannot visit each project nominated for an award. We will contact you separately to arrange site access, if necessary. As a result, the photos submitted with an application are often the only way the jury can visualize a project.

Other qualities the jury looks for in choosing Preservation Award recipients include:

  • Geographic diversity – projects throughout Los Angeles County
  • A range of project types – residential, commercial, institutional structures; landscape projects; planning, grassroots advocacy, and educational projects
  • Community diversity – projects that positively affect the wide range of communities and neighborhoods throughout Los Angeles County


Visit our FAQ page for answers to frequently asked questions.

If your question is still not answered, please contact our Preservation Coordinator, Erik Van Breene, at vanbreene@laconservancy.org or (213) 430-4206.

Thanks for your interest, and good luck!