40th Anniversary Club (LAC40 Club) | Los Angeles Conservancy
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40th Anniversary Club (LAC40 Club)

This year marks the Los Angeles Conservancy's fortieth anniversary. We've accomplished much in the past four decades -- with your help. But with rampant development pressures and new threats arising every day, we have much more to do to protect L.A.'s historic places. 

Become a member of the LAC40 Club, with a gift of $40 or more through the end of 2018. We'll recognize you on this page and at selected Conservancy events.

Your donation will directly support the Conservancy's mission of recognizing, preserving, and revitalizing historic places throughout Los Angeles County. Your donation is fully tax deductible.

To donate, simply visit our Donate page or add an additional donation to any other purchase (membership, walking tours, or other events).

Thank you for helping preserve historic Los Angeles for the next forty years and beyond!