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40th Anniversary Club (LAC40 Club)

This year marks the Los Angeles Conservancy's fortieth anniversary. We've accomplished much in the past four decades -- with your help. But with rampant development pressures and new threats arising every day, we have much more to do to protect L.A.'s historic places. 

Become a member of the LAC40 Club, with a gift of $40 or more through the end of 2018. We'll recognize you on this page and at selected Conservancy events.

Your donation will directly support the Conservancy's mission of recognizing, preserving, and revitalizing historic places throughout Los Angeles County. Your donation is fully tax deductible.

To donate, simply visit our Donate page or add an additional donation to any other purchase (membership, walking tours, or other events).

Thank you for helping preserve historic Los Angeles for the next forty years and beyond!

Thank You, LAC40 Club Members!

Lawanda Allee
Alice Allen
Jennifer Allen
AMEN Ra Studios Inc.
Janis Ashley
Jacoba Atlas
Jay Axup
Margaret and Danilo Bach
Jay Bacon and Darryl Tillman
Brad Baillie
Raymond Bakaitis
Avery and Cathy Barnebey
The Bill Muster Foundation
Delores and William Bing
Pamela Blanc
Dana Blenkin
Boingo Wireless
Mary Betsy Bosak
JoAnn and Wade Bourne
Daniel Brauer and Jim Drobka
Blenda and Ashley Brennan
Eva and Rod Brettler
Sally Brown
Suzanne and Ted Bruins
Barbara and F. M. E. Burke
Gary and Jennifer Carlson
Fabrice Ceugniet
Cassandra Chae
Manuelle Charbonneau
Daniel Cheyne and Nick Agostino
Tracey Clarke
Jonathan and Polin Cohanne
Kevin Corcoran
Kimberly Creighton and Edwin Roses
Richard Crisa
Madeline Cripe
Jay Cywan
Bethel and Ruth Dahl
David Dahl
Steve and William Deas
Juliet Drinkard
Kathy Dudley
Kimberly Dudow and Sascha Schleumer
Brad Engelland and Jon Stordahl
Cindy Ensworth and Robert Lindquist
Christine Esprabens
David Fertik
Lori and Shawn Fidler
David Ford
Dennis Foster
Patrick and Terry Furey
Wendy Furth
Diane Gabe
Whitney Galitz Berger
George Geary and Neil Bonner
Nancy Gettelman
Tricia Gomer
Consuelo Gonzalez and Luz Marina Vivas
Gary and Marion Gray
Michael Guerin and Kimberly Beach
Bob Habel and Mary Hoffman
Kathy Hanks
Martha Harris
Robert and Elizabeth Harris
Liz and Ryan Hawkins
Joanna Hayes
Susan Freda Helm
Edward Helmer
John Hinrichs and Linda Dishman
Shaun Hoare
Jerry Hoover and Charlotte B. Brown
Don Hopkins
Lisa Horowitz and Keith Black
Sharon Houston and Rob Friedrich
Stephen Hryniewicki
Mark Humphrey
Joan and James Jakubowski
Tara Jensen
Judy John
Gordon Johnson and Barbara Schnell
Beverly Kalicka
Kim Kearney
Myrtle and Thomas Keefe
Robert and Mille Kern
Kathie Kingett
Stephanie Kingsnorth
Eric Klein
John G. Kurtz
Matthew and Jaimie Lefebvre
Gregg Legutki
Keith Leisner
Kim Leonard
Jordan and Helen Levin
Ken and Sherry Lewis
Magda Manigque
William May and Grace Aldrovandi
Richard McCarthy
Barbara McLaughlin
Dan and Monique Melendez
Debbie Mendelson
Cliff Meyer and Cathy Root
Thomas Michali and Barry Milofsky
Carol Mitchell
Alex Morales and David Connors
David Morin
Douglas Morton
William Musser
Jaymes Neff
Janice Noyes Atha
Kandace Nunn
Gail Ostergren
Donald Pearson
Michael Peskura
Ing Phansavath
Vivian Pine-White and John White
Trish Procetto
Joann Ralphs
Jane Rand
Susan Rico
Allyn Rifkin
Laurie Risk
Luis Rivera and Patricia Garcia
Sheila Roberts
Paul Rogers and Jill von Hartmann
James and Sylvia Rothman
Vicki and Will Salmon
Hermalee Schmidt
Beverly Schnur
Paul Schulz
Schwab Charitable
Charles Shickley and Dawn Vincent
Ron Shishido
Mary Simeone
Francisco Sison
Janine M. Smith
Jennifer Smith
Carolyn Snyder
Jennifer Solomon
Evelyn Stern
Roger Stoker and Michael Ostrow
Elayne Techentin
Roberto Tercero
Linda Thieben
Winston Thorne
Lily Tom
Phyllis and Alden Truby
Irene Turner
Andree Valdry
Aviva Weiner and Paulino Fontes
Martha L. and John H. Welborne
West Adams Heritage Association
Elizabeth and William Weston
Julie White
Douglas Williams and Thomas Renzi
Allyne Winderman and Glenn Wasserman
Nancy Winters
Sharon and Michele Younkin
Rosalyn Zakheim and Gayle Dukelow
John Zinner