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Bring L.A. history to your virtual classroom with one of our interactive virtual workshops!

Live Workshops

School is in session! Facilitated by our trained education team, our interactive, live workshops bring L.A. history directly to your virtual classroom. All of our workshop curricula incorporate inquiry-based teaching strategies and utilize digital programs designed to enhance engagement and learning. Plus, each lesson supports California's Common Core Standards in History and Social Studies.
Check out our free resources to further enrich distance learning for your students. 
Virtual Field Trips 
Take your students on a virtual exploration through Historic Downtown L.A. or the iconic Union Station. For older students, we also offer A Woman's Place: Union Station and Chinatown, a tour that uncovers the stories of women who helped influence the two historic areas. Learn more about each field trip here. 
Adventures in Architecture 
This six-workshop series introduces students to historic and culturally significant sites in MacArthur Park/Westlake, a historic neighborhood in Central Los Angeles. The workshops examine the question: What makes a community? We take students on guided adventures, facilitate activities that connect history to their own neighborhoods, and build an understanding of preservation. 
Discover L.A.'s Broadway 
Discover L.A.'s Historic Theatre and Commercial District in Downtown L.A., home to the largest concentration of historic theatres in the country. The workshop includes an interactive lesson that explores how the area changed over time, a virtual field trip of the historic district, and a group craft activity. For further lesson planning, you will receive a curriculum packet with over fifteen additional lessons and a content guide. 
To book a Live Workshop or to learn more, please submit a request form and one of our educators will be in contact within 3-5 business days. 
Live Workshop Logistics
  • Offered Monday through Friday (weekends available upon request). 
  • Each workshop session may be scheduled for up to 1-hour between 10 am and 5 pm. We kindly request workshop bookings be made at least two weeks prior to your desired date. 
  • Available for a maximum of 30 students in grades 3-12. Contact us if you have more than 30 students. 
  • The cost is $50.00 per session. Scholarships are available on a need basis.
Please email Sana Ahmed at for more information. Ask us about adapting workshops to fit your classroom's distance learning needs!

Check out our free resources!

Places + People: A Book List for Kids (1-5)
Introduce students to stories about places, architecture, and preservation with this curated book list and Storytime videos. Downloadable Reading Guides contain discussion questions, vocabulary words, and fun activities to further enhance comprehension and distance learning on topics presented in the stories. 
Summer Camp (3-8)
Summer Camp includes downloadable activities and craft videos designed to teach students about historic neighborhoods in Los Angeles and encourage the discovery of historic places in their own neighborhoods. 
Immersive Virtual Tours of Historic Places in L.A. (6-12)
Enrich and complement distance learning lessons about L.A. history with our virtual tours on Google's Poly platform. You can zoom in, zoom out, and look around historic places all over Los Angeles. Explore Culver City, Koreatown, Millard Sheet's mosaics, Chinatown, and L.A.'s Broadway (appropriate for students in grades 3-12).
Major funding for the Los Angeles Conservancy's educational programs is provided by the LaFetra Foundation and the Kenneth T. and Eileen L. Norris Foundation.