Curating the City: Legacy Business | Los Angeles Conservancy
Desiree Edwards, owner and chef of the Watts Coffee House: a South L.A. legacy business that holds space for history, food, and community. Photo courtesy Desiree Edwards
Congratulations to the first-round recipients of the L.A. Conservancy’s Legacy Business Grant! 
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Legacy businesses are long-standing neighborhood anchors where people connect, memories are made, and our sense of community is nourished. Legacy businesses are also a major source of employment and in some areas, an essential neighborhood amenity.

UPDATE: On July 1, 2022, the Los Angeles City Council approved the creation of a new Legacy Business Program! Los Angeles will now join other cities that have already created successful legacy business programs, including San Francisco and San Antonio, TX. The Conservancy has strongly advocated in support of a citywide legacy business program that offers much-needed funding and technical assistance to longtime businesses. $5 million has been allocated toward the implementation and operation of this new program.

We are grateful to Councilmember Curren Price Jr.'s office for his leadership in introducing and pushing this forward, and the Economic and Workforce Development Department and Office of Historic Resources for helping shape much of this essential program! And of course, thank you to everyone who wrote, emailed, or voiced their support in person for this vital initiative in Los Angeles. As the program officially launches, the Conservancy will share more details about how to get involved, and the process for accessing both funding and the technical assistance tools offered.

To stay informed about the newly proposed City of Los Angeles Legacy Business program and other resources in support of longtime businesses, join our Legacy Business Network.