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All Roads Lead to Westwood

The Conservancy is excited to announce our 2022 special fall tour: “All Roads Lead to Westwood!”

For Angelenos, the word “Westwood” sparks images of Mediterranean-style architecture. Students poring over books and coffee. Beautiful homes. Museums. And of course, historic theatres. But the neighborhood we know as Westwood, with its historic Village at its vibrant core, has a complex and layered history. From its early inception as a planned shopping village to becoming a haven for immigrant communities, Westwood is more than just a pretty face.

Join us Saturday, November 12th, and Sunday, November 13th, to see firsthand how this intentionally planned neighborhood has influenced and been influenced by the developments around it. Explore three distinct areas via guided or self-guided tours, and learn how each contributes to the greater sum of Westwood’s identity. You’ll meet the community, explore legacy businesses, and see ongoing efforts to preserve Westwood’s historic places—not to mention become a Bruin for the day!

“All Roads Lead to Westwood” will explore:

Westwood Village: Developed in 1929 by the Janss Investment Company, the Village is full of historically significant structures. See the original buildings that influenced the Village’s development and design, and learn about ongoing efforts to preserve its character.

UCLA: The Westwood UCLA Campus opened in 1929, the same year that Westwood Village was built. Tour UCLA’s campus to see original grand Romanesque structures, with Mid-Century and Modern buildings added through the years, and learn how the University and Westwood Village are inextricably linked.

Little Holmby: This residential neighborhood adjacent to the UCLA campus and Westwood Village was developed in tandem with both. Walk this bucolic neighborhood to see single-family homes built in various revival styles.

In partnership with the Farhang Foundation, the L.A. Conservancy had intended to feature the dynamic neighborhood of Tehrangeles, or little Persia, as part of the All Roads Lead to Westwood tour. However, due to the protests currently happening in Iran, the Tehrangeles portion of the tour has been postponed out of respect for those Iranians currently fighting for their freedom. It will resume when it can be better appreciated, enjoyed and welcomed by the Iranian American community.

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