Ballona Creek Walking Tour | Los Angeles Conservancy
Photo by Sana Ahmed/L.A. Conservancy.

Ballona Creek Walking Tour

Ballona Creek Walking Tour

Sunday, October 20, 2019 - 10:30am Sold Out

Held in partnership with Ballona Creek Renaissance (BCR), an all-volunteer, Culver City-based nonprofit, this short walking tour explores a 1/2-mile section of Ballona Creek.

On this tour, you'll walk along the historic creek that spans through two different cities! You'll learn about the creek’s connection to early residents of the area before Culver City existed, and how its role has changed over time. Led by BCR docents, this tour also showcases recent features such as public artwork, a pedestrian bridge, and a rain garden. 

The walk takes place on a paved surface, making it wheelchair, walker, and stroller-friendly.

This tour ends just in time to attend the afternoon Transforming Hayden Tract tour!