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Bendix Building photo by Hunter Kerhart; all others by L.A. Conservancy staff

People & Places: The Historic Fabric of L.A.’s Fashion District

On October 20, 2018, we explored downtown L.A.'s Fashion District on five different walking tours

Fashion District Tours

Historic Buildings, Modern Lofts: Residential Living in the Fashion District

The Fashion District is home to a stunning array of historic buildings, once used almost exclusively as commercial spaces in service to the garment industry. Visit some of the best architectural examples of these newly-converted industrial spaces, and see the revitalized places they’ve become and the communities they serve.

High Fashion in the Fashion District

In just a span of a few blocks and buildings, the creative energies of fashion designers, marketers, wholesalers, and buyers converge to compare and compete—and strut—their talents. In re-purposed buildings, some architectural icons over a century old, you’ll see where hundreds of tenants cultivate fresh ideas in fashion design, media arts, sales and publishing, and offering unique venues for trade shows, special events, and receptions.    

Building a Legacy: People of the Fashion District

Learn about Florence Casler, the trailblazing female real estate developer who worked almost exclusively in the Fashion District in the early 20th century. Explore the struggles, defeats, and triumphs of garment worker unions in the Fashion District in the early 20th century. This tour visits Santee Alley, the famous openair bazaar. In addition, tourgoers will get the opportunity to hear portions of Alexander Miller’s performance of To...Oblivion at the penthouse of the historic Bendix Building. 

Seed to Flower: The Growth of L.A.’s Flower Markets

As you walk through two historic flower markets, you'll learn how some of L.A.’s earliest immigrants established one of the largest flower markets in the world. Today, many of the vendors are family businesses. On this tour, you'll hear the personal stories of vendors and longtime wholesalers.

With over 100 different varieties of flowers to see, this tour is sure to be a feast for all your senses!

City Market and L.A.’s Forgotten Chinatown

Founded in 1909 by a group of Chinese and Japanese vendors as the city’s central produce distribution market, Los Angeles City Market represents the largest existing collection of pre-World War II commercial and community buildings associated with the Chinese community in Los Angeles.

In recent years, major new development has reshaped this complex, yet its history remains. Explore the cultural significance of Market Chinatown through its remaining buildings while learning about its history, development, and businesses associated with the Chinese community.

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