The Legacy of Millard Sheets: A Virtual Tour | Los Angeles Conservancy
Beverly Hills Home Savings and Loan/Photo by Larry Underhill

The Legacy of Millard Sheets: A Virtual Tour

The Legacy of Millard Sheets: A Virtual Tour

Wednesday, August 11, 2021 - 6:00pm Register

Come along on a virtual journey through the work of Millard Sheets.

You may know the work of Millard Sheets through the unique, mosaic-covered buildings for Home Savings (later Washington Mutual, now Chase) throughout Southern California. Sheets had a philosophy of the integrated arts, exploring the relationship between art, architecture, dance, and music.

Born in Pomona, Sheets collaborated closely with local artists and planned for art throughout the design process, rather than placing artwork on a building as an afterthought. He created buildings that connected with the public on an emotional level, often using artwork to depict local or historical themes significant to the community.

This presentation will be conducted through Zoom. Information on how to attend will be sent following registration.

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