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People + Places: The Forgotten Story of Rancho Los Amigos

People + Places: The Forgotten Story of Rancho Los Amigos

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Join us for a Zoom conversation about Rancho Los Amigos, a nationally significant historic district under imminent threat of demolition. 

As soon as, Tuesday, June 23, the County of Los Angeles will vote on a plan that largely destroys this expansive county resource with immense potential for reuse. 

We need your voice to help us preserve Rancho Los Amigos! 

Why save Rancho Los Amigos?

Most Angelenos do not know about Rancho Los Amigos in Downey and what it meant to the thousands of people that crossed through its doors. Throughout its history, Rancho was a safety net for the County's most vulnerable citizens, including those with medical, physical, and mental health issues, the elderly, and those experiencing destitution. 

From a county poor farm to a nationally-recognized public health facility, Rancho Los Amigos is a distinctly L.A. story with highs and lows, intrigue, and now a plan to destroy it. At a time when resources are scarce and community needs continue rising, the County plans to replace Rancho with an expansion of County operations, Probation Headquarters and other administrative offices. Worse yet, the County seems to be fast-tracking this effort.

Join us for a Zoom conversation as we tell the full story, share its past, and explain why this historic place matters, and is now at risk. This will be an opportunity to participate, ask questions, and learn how you can help.

This discussion will be moderated by the Conservancy’s Director of Advocacy, Adrian Scott Fine.

To help us share Rancho's compelling story, we've invited Hadley Mears, a Los Angeles-based historical journalist and tour guide who writes for outlets including Vanity Fair, The Hollywood Reporter, Curbed LA, and LAist. She also hosts a podcast, Underbelly LA, and the mini-podcast, Happy History. You can find her recent work at

 In 2015, Hadley wrote Ranch of the Friends: The Extraordinary Evolution of the L.A. County Poor Farm for KCET.

Read more about the effort to save Rancho Los Amigos here >>

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