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"Planet of the Apes" at the Los Angeles Theatre

"Planet of the Apes" at the Los Angeles Theatre

Saturday, June 10, 2023 - 2:00pm Register

Saturday, June 10, 2023, 2 p.m.
Los Angeles Theatre, downtown L.A.
Color / 35 mm
1 hour 52 minutes

Actor and comedian Dana Gould's Doctor Z joins us as screening host, along with special guest Lou Wagner (Lucius from Planet of the Apes). Don't miss this rare opportunity to see him live! Check out his series, Hanging with Doctor Z. >>

A free Q&A session about the historic Los Angeles Theatre will follow the screening. Stay in your seat to learn more about its history and architecture! 

About the Film

Directed by Academy Award winner Franklin J. Schaffner (Patton) from a screenplay co-written by Rod Serling, Planet of the Apes is a star-studded sci-fi, dystopian drama. Charlton Heston - at the height of his career - stars as Taylor, a U.S. astronaut whose ship goes off course on a long-range space mission.  He and his fellow astronauts - all in hibernation - crash on an alien planet over two thousand years later.  They learn this planet is ruled by intelligent, talking apes who’ve built a civilization in which mute humans live and work as animals.  Taylor must struggle to survive in a hostile world where simians use humans for physical labor and medical experiments.  It all leads to one of the greatest shock endings in cinema history.

Released in 1968 to wide critical acclaim, Planet of the Apes quickly became a classic.  It’s part of the Library of Congress’s National Film Registry and has been copied, parodied, and homaged in generations of films since.  It also started one of the longest-running film franchises in history with several sequels in the 1970s, a successful reboot series in the 2010s … plus the start of a new series coming next year.

See where it all began on the big screen! (And if you've never seen it, do yourself a favor: do not Google the ending!)

The films in this series are presented as originally created during a different time period and may contain negative attitudes, language, and depictions of people and/or cultures. The Los Angeles Conservancy does not condone these representations. 

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Los Angeles Theatre

The most lavish and last built of Broadway’s great movie palaces, the 1931 Los Angeles was designed by legendary theatre architect S. Charles Lee.