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Rolling Through the ‘70s: A Weekend in Los Angeles

Rolling Through the ‘70s: A Weekend in Los Angeles

Sunday, December 31, 2023 - 11:30pm Register
Put on your bell bottoms, and grab your platform shoes for this self-guided driving tour through ‘70s L.A.

The ‘70s were a time of change and experimentation, especially in Los Angeles. New architectural styles, clothing trends, and cultural movements emerged, pushing the boundaries of the status quo. Today, architecturally and culturally significant sites associated with the decade remain throughout Los Angeles County. This '70s focus guidebook is the most radical way to see firsthand why buildings from this era matter and must be protected for future generations.

Rolling Through the ‘70s features a weekend-full itinerary of places to see, legacy restaurants to try, and businesses to visit. Three separate tour itineraries will lead you to historic 1970s buildings and businesses in locations ranging from Westchester to Burbank. Each itinerary includes recommendations of legacy restaurants to try along your route. The self-guided tours cover all aspects of the '70s from the era's grassroots activism to its often-divisive architectural styles. The guidebook also includes recorded interviews and discussions with 1970s activists and architectural experts, to give you more context around the sites that you are seeing. 

Rolling Through the ‘70s: A Weekend in Los Angeles includes:

  • Digital guide (PDF format)
  • Three driving tour itineraries, containing over thirty 1970s era sites
  • Over one hour of digital audio files featuring commentaries by experts in ‘70s architecture, business owners, and community activists
  • Digital playlist of ‘70s music to set the mood
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There is no start time or date for this event. The tours in this guide are self-guided, without any onsite involvement from the L.A. Conservancy.
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Featured Location(s)

Photo by Adrian Scott Fine/L.A. Conservancy

Barton Choy Residence

Sitting one address apart in Silver Lake, these two wooden plank-paneled houses' acute angles, use of steep lots, and dramatic façades proclaim the work of innovative architect Barton Choy.
Photo by Hunter Kerhart

Central Plaza

"We think Wilshire will be the New York of the West Coast," said this building's developer, Norman Tishman.
Photo by Mike Hume

The Woman's Building

Established in 1973, The Woman's Building fostered experimental lesbian and feminist art for nearly twenty years.