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The 'Throttle Queens," 1956. Photo from Valley Times Collection/Los Angeles Central Library

Modern architecture in L.A. tells many stories about our culture and development, and there are many ways to tell the story of Modern architecture. Use these curated collections of historic places to learn about different aspects of our Modern legacy.

Art and Architecture – Sites that exemplify the often-symbiotic relationship between contemporary art and Modern architecture

Big Business – Places built for the major companies and industries that made Greater L.A. a postwar powerhouse

Car Culture – Sites that reflect Greater L.A.'s love affair with the automobile

Homegrown Architects – Buildings designed by architects that hail from and were educated in Los Angeles

Housing the Masses – Interesting ways that housing was rapidly built to meet the demands of a huge postwar population explosion

Innovations in Technology – Sites that reflect the latest and greatest in the materials, design, and building techniques of the times

Living the High Life at Home – The magnificent result of creative architects, open-minded home owners, and treacherous mountain terrain

The Public Realm – What happens when a city grows at lighting speed? An abundance of new buildings and spaces that help define what “community” means

Photo by Larry Underhill

These sites exemplify the often-symbiotic relationship between art and architecture in Modern design.

Photo by Larry Underhill

Technology developed before and after World War II allowed for completely new forms of architectural expression.

Photo courtesy Architectural Resources Group

As cities grew exponentially, Modern architecture became critical in creating a sense of community and meeting the needs of everyday life.