Saving Modern Places | Los Angeles Conservancy
Century Plaza Hotel (Minoru Yamasaki, 1966). Photo by Flora Chou

Preserving Modern places differs in some ways from preserving older landmarks, from public perception of the value of Modern resources to conserving mass-produced materials that have reached their life span. 

With so much of Greater Los Angeles built after World War II, the Conservancy has always made saving Modern places a priority. Learn more about specific Modern issues, our Modern Committee, specific challenges in saving Modern places, and our other work to save Modern places.

If you know of a significant Modern place that is threatened, please contact the Conservancy at or (213) 623-2489.

Image courtesy Architectural Resources Group

Given Greater L.A.'s rich postwar heritage, roughly half the preservation issues we address involve Modern resources.

Our Modern Committee has a trailblazing history in volunteer advocacy on behalf of Modern resources, and it's entering an exciting new era. 

Photo by Larry Underhill

How does preserving Modern places differ from older places? 

Photo by John Eng

The Conservancy has been at the vanguard of preserving Modern resources since the 1980s.