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Please note: While some of the locations featured on this map have been advocacy issues for the Conservancy, there is no direct correlation between the map and our advocacy activities.

A location’s inclusion (or omission) on this map does not reflect its status as an advocacy issue for the Conservancy now or in the future. Similarly, this map represents a cross-section of legacy businesses in Los Angeles County and is not an exhaustive list of significant longtime businesses in the region.  

Do you know of a legacy business that you think should be included? Email Rosalind Sagara at rsagara@laconservancy.org and let us know!

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Photo courtesy Architectural Resources Group

George's 50s Diner

An iconic building with all the essential ingredients of the drive-in diner with a building that served as its own best advertising at the busy intersection of Atlantic Avenue and San Antonio Drive.
Photo by Adriene Biondo.

Driftwood Dairy

A very rare example of an intact drive-thru dairy, the Driftwood Dairy recently survived a demolition threat and stands as a truly spectacular example of Googie design.