Kenneth Hahn Hall of Administration / Stanley Mosk Courthouse | Los Angeles Conservancy
2011 view of Civic Center Mall. Photo by Flora Chou/L.A. Conservancy

Kenneth Hahn Hall of Administration / Stanley Mosk Courthouse

During the last decade, there has been a lot of talk about proposals to demolish and replace the two county-owned and operated buildings flanking Grand Park in downtown Los Angeles -- the 1960 Kenneth Hahn Hall of Administration and the 1958 Stanley Mosk Courthouse. This idea comes as part of the reopening and success of Grand Park and its role as serving as a major open space destination and attraction for downtown. In early October 2013, Grand Park was named to the American Planning Association's 2013 list of Great American Spaces in America.  

An August 27, 2013 opinion piece in the Downtown News by Dan Rosenfeld entitled "As Grand Park Thrives, County Buildings Are in the Crosshairs," suggests three options for the two buildings, including demolition; relocating the County functions to another site; and, rehabilitation.

It is important to point out that these buildings are historic and conceived as part of the 1947 Civic Center Master Plan, a monumental plan that transformed a large portion of Bunker Hill through the westward expansion of the Civic Center and created the east-west axis of government buildings that frame Grand Park. Each was designed simultaneously by a team of noted, local architects and artists of the period.

While discussions to date have largely centered around demolition, the Conservancy believes these two buildings are important and should be evaluated and treated as historic resources. Through this process, we should think creatively about how to make them more engaging with Grand Park, function better for the County, and continue to serve as important anchors within the Downtown Civic Center.