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Lakeside Car Wash photo by Rincon Consultants, Inc. taken from the Project Notice of Preparation

Lakeside Car Wash

UPDATE: On April 11, 2022, the Burbank Planning Board voted to approve the Final Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the 3700 Riverside Drive Project. The Conservancy had advocated for the Lakeside Car Wash building and  additional mitigation measures that included funding for a historic context statement and/or historic resources survey to be included as part of the Final EIR.

The City of Burbank released its Final Environmental Impact Report for the 3700 Riverside Drive Project. Despite the Cultural Resources Assessment determining the Lakeside Car Wash eligible for local, state, and national designation, the project continues to propose the demolition of the building. 

Built in 1956, the Lakeside Car Wash at the corner of Riverside Drive and Hollywood Way is an iconic car wash and has long been a fixture near the Warner Brother's Studio in Burbank.  Blending Ranch and Googie architectural styles the car wash is uniquely Southern California in its architectural style. With low pitched rambling rooflines that reference the Valley's vast Ranch House tracts the building's split stone veneer, lava rock interiors, and large pylon sign are distinctly Googie.

Throughout the years Los Angeles Times journalists have cited the iconic building when writing about Googie architecture. Rincon Consultants, Inc. identified the site as eligible for designation at the local, state, and national levels for its significance as an excellent example of post-war auto-centric development. 

Currently, the Lakeside Car Wash is threatened with demolition as part of a redevelopment project. As proposed, the development would construct a seven-story building consisting of 49 condominiums. Of the 49, just 4 units will be set aside for affordable housing allowing for the developer to build 13 additional condominiums or approximately a 13% increase in density.