Lankershim Depot | Los Angeles Conservancy
Photo courtesy Terry Guy on Flickr

Lankershim Depot

The Conservancy long advocated for the restoration of North Hollywood’s Lankershim Train Depot at the corner of Lankershim and South Chandler Boulevards.

In 2017, the historic depot reopened to the public after being closed for over thirty years. A rehabilitation and revitalization project brought it back to life as a coffee house.

The building sat vacant for several years on Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) property as the MTA and Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) struggled to reach agreement on its future.

Previously, both agencies were considering a proposed development project for the site that would have relocated the depot to a less visible location about a block west of its historic location.

In 2006, the MTA proposed spending $3.6 million to rehabilitate the station, potentially as a transit information center, as the depot is located at the terminus of the Orange Line East-West busway and across from the North Hollywood Red Line station.

After a rehabilitation and revitalization project, the historic depot reopened to the public in early 2017 after being closed for over thirty years. It has been adaptively reused as a coffee house.

The Conservancy opposed the relocation of the building that historically anchored the entire North Hollywood community. We are pleased that the adaptive reuse project rehabilitated this historic station, and we applaud the MTA's efforts.