Lerners Building | Los Angeles Conservancy
Photo by Adrian Scott Fine/L.A. Conservancy

Lerners Building

Originally constructed in 1931 to house Lerner’s, a women’s apparel store, the building at 533 South Broadway is listed in the National Register of Historic Places as a contributing property to the Broadway Theater and Commercial District. Engineer Philip Barker designed the building in the Art Deco style. The two-story building was characterized by cast stone cladding and was organized into three bays, featuring an expansive recessed balcony with boldly colored tile details flanked by two slim bronze-framed windows with stylized floral stone details.

The next tenant, Grayson’s department store, modified the building around 1944, installing a new Moderne façade that concealed the original stone surface. The new, windowless façade was clad in book matched marble panels and featured a prominent intaglio, an incised carving unusual in an architectural setting, of a classical maiden.

Ethel Percy Andrus Theatre at Lincoln High School. Photo by M. Rosalind Sagara/L.A. Conservancy

Lincoln High School

Lincoln High played a key role in the East L.A. Chicano Student Walkouts (Blowouts) of March 1968.