Rancho Los Amigos | Los Angeles Conservancy
Rancho Los Amigos and power plant structure. Photo by Adrian Scott Fine/L.A. Conservancy

Rancho Los Amigos

Originally founded in 1888 as the County Poor Farm to provide work, housing and medical care for the County’s indigent population, the campus transitioned in the early 20th century into a hospital for the treatment of patients with chronic illnesses, including mental illness and diseases such as tuberculosis and polio.

Renamed Rancho Los Amigos in 1932, the historic campus contains a mix of buildings, many in the Spanish Colonial Revival style, which housed staff, patients and a range of supporting services.

Determined eligible for listing in the National Register and listed in the California Register in the 1990s, the abandoned south campus is now in an advanced state of deterioration and has suffered from vandalism, arson fires, and exposure to the elements.

Photo by Annie Laskey

Sessions House

This remarkable home was designed by architect Joseph Cather Newsom. Built in 1889, it features complex textures and shapes, as well as a pair of carved bearded dogs guarding the front steps.
Site of original Canter's Deli. Photo by Laura Dominguez/L.A. Conservancy

Former Canter's Delicatessen

Canter's Deli, a quintessential L.A. institution, has its roots in the Jewish community along Brooklyn Avenue.