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Our Logo

Unveiled in June 2013, the new Conservancy logo honors our organization's own history while embracing the future of preservation in Los Angeles. 

New Conservancy logoThe logo features an updated version of the architectural capital that has represented the Conservancy since 1982. The capital conveys the Conservancy's strength, stability, and devotion to historic architecture; a stylized palm tree in the center identifies it as unmistakably Los Angeles.

The new logo's clean design emphasizes the style- and period-neutral nature of our work. It uses a geometric, sans serif font designed in 1927 by typographer Paul Renner. Renner’s work is often seen as a bridge between traditional and modern typefaces—fitting for the Conservancy, given our work to bridge the past and future of Greater L.A.’s built environment.

The new logo is one of a series of icons depicting various architectural details we can mix and match in endless ways. The icons form the basis of a new system that will give the Conservancy a cohesive identity while conveying the diversity of our work. See the Walking Tours example below.

You’ll see the new identity, designed by local design firm YYES, emerge over the next year. Many thanks to everyone who participated in, and supported, this exciting and important effort.