People + Places: The Art of Preservation | Los Angeles Conservancy
City of Ghosts courtesy Elizabeth Ito/Netflix; “Bill Fujimoto’s Quiet Revolution” courtesy Sam Nakahira; Villages in the City: Garden Apartments of Los Angeles courtesy Maya Santos/FORM follows FUNCTION

People + Places: The Art of Preservation

The Art of Preservation
Wednesday, March 29
12 - 1:00 p.m.
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Join the Los Angeles Conservancy for a panel discussion with artists who use diverse mediums to tell rich, place-based stories. Learn from City of Ghosts creator Elizabeth Ito, comic artist Sam Nakahira, and documentarian Maya Santos about how storytelling practices can connect people to historic places and inspire their preservation.     
Historic buildings and environments offer tactical ways to connect with the people and movements that came before us. These places are ripe for telling new stories of how cultural heritage shapes the personal and collective paths we walk today.   
This panel brings together artists whose practices are intimately tied to the material and cultural facets of place. Using diverse mediums, they bring under-told narratives to light and invite us to make sense of them in today’s world. Join our discussion Wednesday, March 29th, at 12pm to get curious about ways to tell fuller and more engaging stories about people and places.

Elizabeth Ito has been working as a creator, writer, director, and storyboard artist in the animation industry since 2004. She’s worked on TV, feature, and commercial projects. Elizabeth is also the creator of the award-winning short, Welcome to My Life, the second-most viewed short in Cartoon Network history. She also received an Emmy for her directing work on Adventure Time. Her first series, City of Ghosts for Netflix premiered in 2021 and won a Peabody Award, and two Emmys for directing and best animated children’s show in 2022. She also directed a music video for The Linda Lindas and is on an overall deal with Apple TV. The L.A. Conservancy recognized City of Ghosts with a Preservation Award in 2021.