People + Places: Chili Bowls, Donuts, and Hot Dogs – Saving Big and Bold Places! | Los Angeles Conservancy

People + Places: Chili Bowls, Donuts, and Hot Dogs – Saving Big and Bold Places!

Monday, November 30, 2021
3 - 4:00 p.m.
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The clock is ticking to save West L.A.’s Chili Bowl from demolition! Join us on Monday, November 29th at 3:00 p.m. for an urgent Zoom conversation: "Chili Bowls, Donuts, and Hot Dogs: Saving Big and Bold Places!" The L.A. Conservancy's Adrian Scott Fine will sit down with Bobby Green of the 1933 Group and Vintage L.A.'s Alison Martino to talk about the history of L.A.'s whimsical, roadside architecture, why it needs to be preserved, and what YOU can do to help save the currently threatened Chili Bowl in West L.A.  
During this live conversation we'll discuss: 
  • The current, urgent preservation battle to save the Chili Bowl in West L.A.
  • The history of programmatic architecture and how it represents the growth of L.A.'s car culture.
  • ​Why community advocacy matters and how you can help save programmatic architecture like the Chili Bowl. 
Bobby Green (The 1933 Group)

Bobby Green, co-founder and creative designer of the 1933 Group, responsible for restoring and reimaging some of L.A.’s most successful nightspots, including West Hollywood’s Formosa Café, the Highland Park Bowl, and the barrel-shaped Idle Hour in North Hollywood. Bobby is currently preparing to re-open the beloved and iconic Tail o’ the Pup, a 1946 walk-up stand shaped like a hot dog and bun. 
Alison Martino (Vintage L.A.)
Alison Martino, a Los Angeles-based television producer, documentarian, columnist, and lifelong resident of the city. She also curates Vintage Los Angeles (VLA), an ever-growing photo-centric page on Facebook and Instagram dedicated to highlighting L.A.’s physical transformation during the 20th Century, as well as its history as the center of the entertainment industry and community. 
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