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Preservation Action/Advocacy

Conservation Easements: Permanent Protection For Historic Places

Would you like to make sure your historic home or building survives for future generations to enjoy?

The best way to truly preserve a historic place is through a conservation easement, a legal document that permanently prohibits the demolition or insensitive alteration of a property -- even by future owners.

Easements ensure long-term protection of historic structures, and they can also offer potential tax benefits. You can learn more by viewing our easement properties and reading the overview on this page.

Guide to Using CEQA

Use CEQA to Protect Your Community

This guide explains how you can use the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) to protect historic places in your community.

Many people have seen the destruction of historic neighborhoods and sites without knowing that their voice could have made a difference. You have a say in how your community changes over time.

Landmark THIS!

Designating a building or site as a local landmark is one way to recognize and protect a historic resource. It is a proactive tool, and often something that owners and members of the public can do before a property is threatened. 

Preservation Incentives

Preservation Incentives Overview

This brief summary outlines the financial and construction incentives available for preserving qualified historic properties.

Preservation Incentives for Homeowners

This comprehensive report from the Getty Conservation Institute is tailored specifically to homeowners.