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Home Front Build, Inc.

715 Cypress Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90065
(323) 732-HOME
Fax: (323) 735-HOME
Contact: Stephen Pallrand

At Home Front, we don’t try to sell you a pre-made line of products. Period cabinetry was “built-in” for each particular application, combining the aesthetics of the time with the individual needs of the homeowner. We are experts in designing your new cabinetry to integrate with what already exists, repairing damaged cabinetry as well as determining what your missing cabinetry elements looked like. Whether its kitchen cabinetry, dining room elements, hardware, stairways, moldings, wainscoting, veneer work or hanging doors, we offer a variety of solutions. Because we are historic general contractors we can do your foundation, plastering, painting and finishing as well.