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Preservation Consulting/Historical Research

Architectural Resources Group

Architectural Resources Group staff includes architects, designers, historians, planners and materials conservators offering a wide range of services.

ASM Affiliates

ASM offers a full range of professional cultural resource management services for architectural history, history, archaeology, ethnography, and other specialized services.

Charles J. Fisher, Historian

Charles assists the discriminating vintage homeowner with various historic preservation efforts, including landmark nominations and historical research.

GB Geotechnics USA Inc.

GBG has over 30 years of experience and cutting edge survey tools including Ground Penetrating Radar, Infrared Thermography, Ultrasonic and Acoustic Methods and is a leading international company in the use of Non Destructive Evaluation for the forensic investigation of structures.

GPA Consulting / Historic Preservation Consultants

GPA is an award winning, multi-disciplinary consulting firm specializing in historic preservation. Our experienced staff provides a full range of architectural history services and excels in delivering effective solutions.

Historic Resources Group

Since its founding in 1989, Historic Resources Group has offered it clients full service preservation consulting.


ICF is one of California’s premier full-service environmental and cultural resources consulting firms.

LA House Histories

LA House Histories creates custom-made books about the history of homes. The coffee table books profile all the owners from the original construction to the present. We also research historic properties for real estate brokers, architects, and interior designers.

Page & Turnbull

Page & Turnbull's staff includes licensed architects, designers, historians, conservators and planners who provide architectural and conservation services for historic buildings, resources and civic areas.