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Student Walking Tour Options

Historic Downtown

Recommended for grades 3-12

Featuring some of L.A.’s best-loved landmarks, this tour begins at Pershing Square and ends at the Bradbury Building/Biddy Mason Park, across the street from the Grand Central Market. Primarily outdoors on public streets, this moderate walking tour covers about six blocks and includes some steps and hills. 

This tour is not wheelchair accessible.  There are multiple steps and/or escalators used during this tour.   
This tour features a ride on Angels Flight. The fare is included in the tour cost. 
If you would not like to take Angels Flight, you may use a parallel staircase instead (however, there is no fare refund). Please indicate this information in the special requests section. 

Union Station

Highly recommended for younger students (3rd through 5th grade) but available for older youth (6th-12th grade)

An entertaining mix of architectural, cultural, and transportation history. Primarily indoors, this walking tour consists of the equivalent of about six blocks of easy walking, with some ramps but no steps or hills. The tour begins and ends near the Information Desk inside the Terminal near the Alameda Street entrance. Historic Olvera Street (not included in the tour) is one block from Union Station.  

A Woman's Place: Union Station and Chinatown

Recommended for grades 6-12 but available for younger students in grades 3-5

A different perspective on the histories of two iconic built enviroments told through the stories of women who impacted them. The tour begins near the Information Desk at Union Station and ends at the Central Plaza in Chinatown. 

This tour features a short ride on the Metro Gold Line from Union Station to Chinatown. The fare for this ride is not included in the tour fee.
Groups interested in this tour must purchase a Metro TAP card for each student before the tour start time. A TAP card costs $2.00 and a one-way trip on the Metro Gold Line is $1.75. TAP cards may be purchased online or at several Metro locations, including Union Station.
For more information on how to purchase a TAP card, click here