Summer Camp | Los Angeles Conservancy
Illustrations by Cindy Quach/L.A. Conservancy

Summer Camp

Summer fun starts here! Learn about different neighborhoods in Los Angeles and take an adventure in your own neighborhood to learn about the history that surrounds you. Each link includes a downloadable activity and coloring page. New activities and craft videos will be released weekly.
Summer Camp is designed for grades 3-8, but appropriate for all ages. 
Storytime with Author Elisa Parhad

JULY 10 - Historic Downtown Los Angeles  
Activity: Historic Downtown L.A. Tracing Map
Info Sheet on Historic Downtown L.A.
Coloring Page: Places in Historic Downtown L.A. 
Craft Video: Neighborhood Pop-Up Map


JULY 17 - Eastside Los Angeles 
Activity: Eastside Los Angeles Matching Game
Coloring Page: Greetings from Eastside Los Angeles
Craft Video: Postcard

JULY 24 - MacArthur Park 
Activity: MacArthur Park Crossword Puzzle
Coloring Page: MacArthur Park
Craft Video: Picture Book

JULY 31 - Chinatown 
Activity: People of Chinatown Word Search 
Coloring Page: People of Chinatown
Craft Video: Paper Cube (download the Cube Template here)