What We Do | Los Angeles Conservancy
Photos; Douglas Hill, Kansas Sebastian on Flickr, Adrian Scott Fine/L.A. Conservancy

What We Do

The Conservancy is a nonprofit membership organization whose mission is to recognize, preserve, and revitalize the historic architectural and cultural resources of Los Angeles County.

We raise awareness of the value of historic places in strengthening communities, fostering economic development, and enriching lives.

Since 1980, our walking tours and other special events have brought countless Los Angeles residents and visitors closer to the beautiful buildings and unique spaces that make Los Angeles County so special.

We also work on a vast range of preservation issues throughout Los Angeles County, both proactively and in response to specific threats to historic cultural and architectural resources.

We provide technical assistance and resources to help people enjoy and preserve the historic places they love. Give us a call at (213) 623-2489 or email info@laconservancy.org.

The Conservancy has the largest membership of any local preservation organization in the U.S., reflecting an unprecedented level of support for L.A.'s historic resources. We continue to gain ground in making preservation part of public policy, urban planning, and public consciousness.