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Donate to Youth Programs

You can help preserve L.A.’s heritage and inspire future generations! Your donation of any amount directly supports the Conservancy’s advocacy and education efforts. 
Historic buildings are not simply buildings; these places tell the stories of the past. With your support, we can not only preserve important places through our advocacy efforts, but share these the stories of these important places with the next generation.
This year, 1,600 young Angelenos discovered the places that make their city special by participating in our engaging youth programs. Your gift will help instill a love of history and architecture in even more kids who will grow up to be the next generation of preservationists!

All donations to the  Conservancy are fully tax-deductible. Thank you for helping preserve L.A. County’s rich history for future generations.

Your Gift of Any Amount Makes a Big Difference!

$650 enables one class of elementary students to learn about the role Broadway has played in their neighborhood. This innovative in-class program culminates with a field trip to a stunning Broadway movie palace. 
$100 allows 10 kids to touch the Bradbury Building as part of our student walking tour of downtown Los Angeles’ most iconic historic buildings.  
$50 helps shape the storytellers of tomorrow by providing supplies for the Conservancy’s Historic High program, which trains high school students to research and tell the story of their own historic school campus.
$25 boosts the energy of L.A.’S next lovers or architecture with after-school snacks for 30 middle-schoolers in our interactive Adventures in Architecture walking tour program.
$10 sends kids on a flight they'll never forget, paying the fare for 10 low-income students to take their first trip on Angels Flight railway, an intact, landmarked historic funicular in downtown L.A.