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Please note: Although some places on this map have been advocacy issues for the Conservancy, there is no direct correlation between the map and our advocacy activities. Just because a place is, or isn't, on this map does not mean that it will, or won't, be an advocacy issue for the Conservancy at some point. The map is strictly a way to highlight some of Los Angeles County’s quintessential garden apartments.

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Park La Brea
Photo courtesy Architectural Resources Group

Park La Brea

L.A.'s largest and best-known garden apartment community originally boasted views out of every living room window into a large park.
Photo courtesy Chattel, Inc

Chase Knolls

This garden apartment community in Sherman Oaks was built in response to the postwar population boom, for those looking for "gracious living in apartment homes."
Chatham Village, Pittsburgh. Photo by Jonathan Rieke on Flickr.

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Photo by Larry Underhill

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