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Professional Services Directory

Preserving and maintaining historic structures requires the special touch of professionals who understand the importance of preserving historic character -- and who have the skills to do it right.

To help you protect and enhance your investment in Los Angeles County's rich architectural legacy, we offer a professional services directory for various aspects of historic preservation. You can filter listings by category (choose one at a time; otherwise you'll see a blank screen).

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Join the Directory or Refer a Business

To keep this professional services directory as comprehensive and useful as possible, we always seek qualified participants. To refer someone with whom you have worked, please email their contact information to

If you work in a preservation-related field and are interested in being listed in our directory, please visit this page to learn more and apply. Listings cost $120 a year. 

Important: Please Read

  • The Los Angeles Conservancy makes no claims or endorsements of businesses offering any products or services listed in this directory.
  • All businesses in the directory have paid the Conservancy for their listing. The directory is by no means comprehensive; businesses not listed here may be just as qualified as those included.
  • As with any business transaction, remember, it's "buyer beware." Be sure to ask for -- and verify -- references.
  • Protect your investment: ask for verification that businesses have the appropriate licenses and insurance coverage.
  • Many cities in the county designate certain historic buildings and regulate alterations to them (for example, Los Angeles has both individual Historic-Cultural Monuments and buildings within Historic Preservation Overlay Zones). Before altering a designated structure, be sure to obtain proper permits and sign-offs from responsible city agencies (such as the City Planning Department, Department of Building and Safety and/or the Department of Housing). If you have questions about how to do this, please contact the Conservancy at (213) 623-2489 or
  • Be skeptical of recommendations that insist upon replacing historic elements without considering restoration. While sometimes this is necessary, restoration of historic features is always preferred, and often can cost less than replacement.
  • If you have any problems with someone listed in this directory, please report them to Adrian Scott Fine at or (213) 430-4202. Verifiable complaints may lead to the removal of a business from the directory.