How to Improve Your Score

The underlying goal of the Preservation Report Card is to help communities improve their preservation programs by proactively pointing out specific areas that might need attention.

The Conservancy is eager to help any community in this effort. We have a thorough knowledge of best practices and can offer direct technical assistance.

General Tips

If you'd like to improve your community’s Report Card score, consider these tips. For personalized assistance at any point in the process, please contact the Conservancy at (213) 623-2489 or

  • Note which areas of your community’s Report Card have a score of 0, and pick one of these areas as a starting point for your efforts. You can refer to the overall Report Card chart or the Report Card tab of your community page.
  • Use the Report Card Chart to find other communities that have higher scores in your area of interest. Click on the community name in the chart to visit their community pages on our website, where you'll find more information, resources such as ordinance and surveys, and links to the communities' official websites and local groups if relevant.
  • Read about the relevant element(s) of a strong preservation program, listed below.
  • Consult relevant Report Card Resources, such as a model ordinance, overview of preservation incentives, and glossary of preservation terms.
  • Attend workshops and/or conferences on topics such as CEQA, local landmarks, historic districts, and more. Workshops are offered periodically by a number of groups, including the Conservancy and the California Preservation Foundation. For more information, see our Upcoming Events page.

Elements of a Strong Preservation Program

These pages offer basic information about the most important aspects of a local preservation program.