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Important Issues

The Conservancy works to preserve irreplaceable historic resources throughout L.A. County. We work proactively and in response to specific threats. We work with property owners, public officials, and other stakeholders to find mutually beneficial solutions through preservation and reuse strategies.

When needed, the Conservancy asks for specific help on issues, from writing letters of support to attending important public hearings. If you haven't already, please sign up for our Preservation Action Alert e-mails to stay informed on when and how you can take direct action.

Learn more about specific issues below. If you know of a historic place that is threatened with demolition or excessive alteration, please notify us right away at or call (213) 623-2489.

Photo by Marcello Vavala/L.A. Conservancy

Act now to help save these highly threatened places.

Sal Castro, Security Pacific National Bank Collection/Los Angeles Public Library

Stay informed on active issues throughout L.A. County.

Photo by Manuel Huerta/L.A. Conservancy

We're keeping our eye on these issues as they continue to evolve.

Photo by Luke Gibson

Places that have survived threats of demolition or excessive alteration.

Photo from L.A. Conservancy archives

Issues that may have resulted in imperfect outcomes, but still display significant progress.

Photo by Adrian Scott Fine/L.A. Conservancy

Historic places that have been demolished or irreparably altered.