People + Places: A Virtual Conversation Series | Los Angeles Conservancy
Tokio Florist by Giovanni Jance; The Orpheum Theatre by Stephen Schafer; Paul R. Williams courtesy UCLA Library Special Collections; Golden State Mutual by Jose Turang; Sakai-Kozawa Residence by M. Rosalind Sagara

People + Places: A Virtual Conversation Series

The L.A. Conservancy is pleased to present People + Places: A Virtual Conversation Series, bringing together advocates, experts, community members, and others to discuss the people and places that make Los Angeles special.
Together, we'll unpack topics, like culturally historic sites and the threats they face, architects who overcame adversity to change the L.A. landscape, legacy businesses, and the people who run and love them, or the impact of historic spaces on a community’s health and identity. Nothing is off the table during these candid discussions. 

Upcoming Events:

People + Places: The Architecture of Suspense...Vertigo!
June 6, 2023
Recordings of Past People + Places Events: 
People + Places: The Art of Preservation
March 29, 2023 
People + Places: L.A.'s Multifamily Housing Story
December 7, 2022
People + Places: Googie Modern: Architectural Drawings of Armet Davis Newlove
April 27, 2022
People + Places: '70s Women Spaces and Places 
March 8, 2022
People + Places: Chili Bowls, Donuts, and Hot Dogs: Saving L.A.'s Big and Bold Places! 
November 29, 2021
People + Places: Engaging Youth in Preservation Beyond the Classroom
September 30, 2021
People + Places: A New Future Blooms for Historic Tokio Florist
May 27, 2021 
People + Places: The Making of Preserving Los Angeles
May 5, 2021
People + Places: Preserving the Legacy of Paul Revere Williams
April 22, 2021
People + Places: L.A.'s "Pop Art Nun" and Her Endangered Studio
December 15, 2020
People + Places: Saving L.A.'s Legacy Businesses
December 10, 2020
People + Places: The Forgotten Story of Rancho Los Amigos
June 19, 2020