Our Values

Tour guide shares history of the Ebell to tour goers.


Our Values

We believe that historic preservation empowers and nourishes communities by creating meaningful connections between people, places, and cultures.
Tour guide shares history of the Ebell to tour goers.

L.A. County’s greatest strength and resource is its diversity. No one place or voice can encapsulate the history of Greater Los Angeles. From our struggles to our triumphs, every layer of history matters.

By preserving places and stories of Los Angeles, we can face our full history and find new empathy for our neighbors—regardless of race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, economic means, religion, age, abilities, or any other way that makes us different. We are incredibly grateful for our diverse community of supporters throughout L.A. County. Your commitment to our shared, tangible history inspires us to work harder to preserve and protect the full breadth of our region’s cultural inheritance.

Thank you for being a part of our community.


  • Communities

    We care about making connections, building collective capacity, and supporting people to take action to preserve places that matter. We value the voices, knowledge, and experiences of all Angelenos.

  • Tour guide shares the history of L.A.'s Chinatown to tourgoers.


    We believe in the power of accessible and inclusive stories to connect people, give life to historic and cultural places, educate us on our collective past, and to serve as a guide for the future.

  • Place-Keeping

    We are committed to preserving both tangible and intangible historic and cultural resources in partnership with local communities.

  • Sustainability

    Our work is rooted in sustainability – social sustainability, which builds the capacity of and connection within communities; environmental sustainability, which recognizes historic preservation as a key tool in fighting climate change; and financial sustainability, ensuring that this important work can continue.

  • Inclusion

    We strive to expand the work of preservation in Los Angeles to include all communities and tell the whole of our stories. We seek to lower barriers, increase accessibility, and amplify diverse contributions.

  • Culture

    We celebrate the multi-faceted people and perspectives that make Los Angeles special. We also strive to maintain a culture that is inclusive, accessible, and accountable within our organization.