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Photos (clockwise from left): Water tower by Laurie Avocado on Flickr (cropped); Santa Fe Ave. & 48th St. by Laurie Avocado on Flickr; Vernon Light and Power by Dean Cheng

Vernon does not currently have a historic preservation ordinance.

This industrial city, comprised almost solely of commercial and industrial buildings, contains a wealth of architecturally significant buildings, yet no historic resource surveys have been conducted.

Despite lacking any historic preservation policies, the City designated St. Martha’s Catholic Church as a local landmark in 1981 through a resolution adopted by the City Council.  The church had been threatened with closure, and the City Council acted to protect the structure from demolition.  

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Category (points available)
Total Score (out of a possible 245, plus Extra Credit): 
Historic Preservation Ordinance (150) / Honorary Ordinance (10): 
Dedicated Historic Preservation Commission (5): 
Dedicated Preservation Staff (15): 
Ability to Designate Historic Districts (15): 
Active Landmark Designation (at least annually) (5): 
Survey of Historic Resources: Citywide (15) / Partial (10): 
Survey Updated Within Past 5 Years (5): 
Mills Act Incentive Program (10): 
Additional Incentives (5): 
Certified Local Government (5): 
Historic Preservation Element or Plan (5): 
Extra Credit (1-25): 

If you'd like to get involved in preservation in Vernon, we suggest contacting the following representative to express your interest and ask about opportunities -- particularly in helping to create a preservation ordinance if the city doesn't have one:

Sergio Canales
Assistant Planner
(323) 583-8811

Please let us know if this information is out of date.

The Conservancy isn't aware of a local preservation group or historical society for this community. If you know of one, please let us know.

You can reach us during regular business hours at or (213) 623-2489.

We don't know of any community-specific resources for local preservation in Vernon. If you do, please let us know.

For general information about using the California Environmental Quality Act to protect historic places in your community, you can download our Guide to CEQA in English or Spanish.

For other resources, including a model ordinance and glossary of basic preservation terms, please see the Resources tab on our Report Card microsite.