Digital Report Card

The section of the website ("microsite") you're on right now is our new Digital Report Card. This exciting new tool transforms how you (and we) can use the Report Card, with features including:

  • An overall chart of all Report Card results countywide, which you can sort by category or select specific categories and/or communities for comparison
  • The ability to update scores and grades in real time, as communities make improvements, rather than issuing static “snapshots” every five years
  • Instant access to information about nearby communities, for context about preservation in your area 
  • Access to a growing library of resources, such as a model ordinance, to help communities create or improve preservation programs 

In concert with the Digital Report Card, we created community pages for each of L.A. County’s eighty-nine jurisdictions, featuring

  • Details of the community’s current Report Card results and preservation program, including success factors and/or areas of improvement
  • Information about historic places and any Conservancy preservation issues in the community
  • Information about local agencies and/or advocacy groups, to help residents get involved in preserving their local heritage
  • A way to share information and photos about communities, to help in expanding the pages over time 

The Digital Report Card and new community pages offer a robust, dynamic resource for preservation at the local level.

We welcome your feedback on any aspect of these new features to help us refine and improve them over time.