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Griffith Observatory: Sana Ahmed/L.A. Conservancy, Venice: William Hare/Getty Images, "A Glorious History, A Golden Legacy” Mural by Eliseo Silva, photo by Kenny Chang, LAFD Fire Engine Company No. 30 courtesy Joshua Thomas

Educational Resources

Browse our free educational resources to explore historic neighborhoods in Los Angeles with your students! Recommended for grades 3-8, but appropriate for all ages.
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WEEK 3: We're venturing through Westwood!
Learn about the different communities tied to Westwood.
Scavenger Hunt
Have fun learning about the history of Westwood through an exciting scavenger hunt!
Comic Creation
Create a comic strip using one or more areas in the Westwood virtual adventure as your setting! Choose characters and a plot. 
WEEK 2: Let's Explore the City of Compton
Learn about the people and places of Compton. 

Miracle Market Crossword Puzzle
Miracle Market is a legacy business established in 1961 by George White, who left Louisiana for Los Angeles at 16. Famously known for its delicious hot links, the Miracle Market is an example of a legacy business that continues to bring people together through delicious food! 
Compton Civic Center and City Hall Maze & Craft Project
Even though Compton was established in 1888, the city completed its new city hall and civic center in 1976, including a new post office, police department, library, and courthouse. Learn more about why these buildings are important to the Compton community!  
Design Your Own Blueprint
The architect Harold L. Williams' design of Compton City Hall and Civic Center symbolized his desire to give back to the African American community in Compton. What do you desire to give back to your community? 
WEEK 1: Storytime with the L.A. Conservancy
Let's Read Kiyoshi's Walk with Lia Schiffito

Kiyoshi’s Walk by Mark Karlins
Learn about the beauty of haikus through the lens of a young boy and his grandfather, who are inspired by their community and nature to express themselves.
Check out our Reading Guide for activities about this book.
Kiyoshi's Walk is part of the 2022 People + Places: Book List for Kids. Check out the full list! 
Quick Links to Neighborhood Explorations:

Central Avenue Corridor 
Historic Filipinotown
Griffith Park
Eastside Los Angeles
Historic Downtown Los Angeles
MacArthur Park

2021 Neighborhood Explorations

Central Avenue Historic Corridor

Activity: Math Puzzle
Coloring Pages: Arnett Hartsfield and Drs. Vada and John Somerville
Craft & Learn Video: 3D Streetscape
Griffith Park

Activity: Griffith Park Memory Game
Craft & Learn Video: Scavenger Hunt
Historic Filipinotown

Activity: Crossword Puzzle
Coloring Pages: Unidad Park by Eliseo Art Silva and Helen Brown
Craft & Learn Video: Mini Jeepney

Activity: Venice Connect the Dots
Activity: Venice Word Scramble
Craft & Learn Video: Paper Wind Spiral

2020 Neighborhood Explorations

Activity: People of Chinatown Word Search 
Coloring Page: People of Chinatown
Craft Video: Paper Cube (download the Cube Template here)
 Eastside Los Angeles
Activity: Eastside Los Angeles Matching Game
Coloring Page: Greetings from Eastside Los Angeles
Craft Video: Postcard
Historic Downtown Los Angeles

Activity: Historic Downtown L.A. Tracing Map
Info Sheet on Historic Downtown L.A.
Coloring Page: Places in Historic Downtown L.A. 
Craft Video: Neighborhood Pop-Up Map
MacArthur Park
Activity: MacArthur Park Crossword Puzzle
Coloring Page: MacArthur Park
Craft Video: Picture Book

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