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Explore Los Angeles County

Spanning more than 4,000 square miles and nearly 90 cities, Los Angeles County is larger than Rhode Island and Delaware combined. This vast area includes an amazing array of unique historic places just waiting to be discovered.

We encourage you to experience the rich and vital heritage of L.A. County by exploring its diverse historic resources, learning more about the history of its many communities, and helping to preserve the historic places that make this region so unique.

An interactive map with more than 715 historic places (and counting) throughout Los Angeles County.

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What's going on in your community? How does preservation work there, and how can you get involved?

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Explore the multicultural heritage of L.A.'s Eastside neighborhoods.

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Travel through Los Angeles' thriving collection of historic garden apartments.

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Learn about the places that tell the stories of L.A.'s' diverse LGBTQ communities.

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Discover fifty years of amazing Modern architecture in Greater Los Angeles.

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Journey through sixteen miles of Los Angeles history.