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Active Issues

336 North Oakhurst Drive. Photo by Marcello Vavala/L.A. Conservancy

North Oakhurst Drive Potential Historic District

The approval of a condo project on the boundary of Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, which would demolish a portion of a potential historic district, reveals a flawed CEQA process.
(l-r) KCAL Building and Melrose Gate. Photos by Laura Dominguez/L.A. Conservancy

Paramount Pictures

City Council approved Paramount Pictures' two decade master plan in October 2016, which will guide preservation and new development on its historic studio lot.
Photo by Joel H. Mark/West Hollywood Preservation Alliance

Plummer Park, Great Hall/Long Hall

In September 2014, the West Hollywood Historic Preservation Commission heard a presentation on relocating Great Hall / Long Hall where members questioned why there was not an option to consider adaptive reuse and preservation on its current site.
Photo by Adrian Scott Fine/L.A. Conservancy

Post Offices

Despite continued public outcry, post offices around the country remain slated for closure, placing many historic buildings and community anchors at risk.
Rancho Los Amigos and early dormitory structure. Photo by Adrian Scott Fine / L.A. Conservancy

Rancho Los Amigos

The County of Los Angeles calls for the demolition of the entire Rancho Los Amigos Historic District.
Photo by no body atoll on Flickr

Santa Monica Post Office

Good news! In August 2013, the Santa Monica City Council agreed to accept a preservation covenant for the historic post office, paving the path for the sale of the now-vacant landmark.
Photo by Adrian Scott Fine/L.A. Conservancy

Sunkist Headquarters

A proposed mixed-use project will retain and reinvest in the historic Sunkist Headquarters Building.
Owners of the 1949 General Petroleum building in downtown Los Angeles, now The Pegasus apartments, used Federal tax credits in financing the rehabilitation. Photo by Michael Wells

The Economic Development and State Historic Tax Credit Act

The Economic Development and State Historic Tax Credit Act (AB 1999) was intended to create an important new incentive for economic development through the rehabilitation of historic buildings. Despite the California legislature approving the bill with unanimous support, the Governor vetoed the legislation on September 29, 2014.
Photo by Adrian Scott Fine / L.A. Conservancy

The Factory

A proposed hotel and retail development will incorporate the historic Factory building, once the headquarters of Mitchell Camera Company and a pioneering gay discotheque in West Hollywood.
Rear courtyard. Photo by Joe Fletcher

UCLA Faculty Center

The 1959 UCLA Faculty Center may be at risk once more, following a vote of the California State Historical Resources Commission against designation.
Photo by Anthony Rubano

Union Station

Metro's new master plan will guide improvements at Union Station and the surrounding site as an expanded transit hub.
Photo by Flora Chou/L.A. Conservancy

Wyvernwood Garden Apartments

The City of Los Angeles will decide whether to allow the demolition of the first large-scale garden apartment community built in Los Angeles.