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Hollywood Community Plan

On March 18, 2021, the L.A. City Planning Commission voted 5-3 to approve and recommend the Hollywood Community Plan to the City Council. The Plan has not yet been scheduled to be heard by City Council.

This plan update will replace the 1988 plan and sets a direction for future development in Hollywood.  As proposed, the new plan will direct anticipated new development and density and create new tools to ensure the historic character of Hollywood is preserved.

The Conservancy has shared the following recommendations directed toward preservation, equity, affordable housing, and implementation purposes:

  1. Expand protections afforded to and definition of eligible historic resources within the plan area and Community Plan Implementation Overlay (CPIO) as a mitigating measure, to include those of local significance and classified as 5S3, to be consistent with the City’s surveys and previously adopted community plans, such as South Los Angeles. Many of Hollywood's 5S3 properties are also examples of naturally occurring affordable housing (NOAH) and Rent Stabilized Ordinance (RSO) units where preservation protections can help maintain affordability and prevent displacement.  
  2. Apply the full range of Historic Preservation Overlay Zone (HPOZ) preservation protections, procedures and existing tools to the Hollywood National Register Historic District as a policy component within the plan, to offer adequate design review and mechanisms to maintain eligibility and integrity of this unique historic district. 
  3. Specifically identify and extend preservation and housing protections to Hollywood’s historic bungalow courts and their affordable RSO units as a policy in the plan.
  4. Commit to include in the plan and adopt detailed operating procedures for the proposed Transfer of Development Rights (TDR) program; and
  5. Expand the CPIO boundaries to East Hollywood and tools as part of the Vermont - Western TOD Station Neighborhood Area Plan (SNAP) Specific Plan update and commit to doing so within one year.

Why does Los Angeles have Community Plans?

California state law requires all local jurisdictions to adopt a comprehensive Citywide General Plan, which serves as the principal planning document for directing future growth. The City of Los Angeles last updated its General Plan in 1996 and has committed to revisions in the coming years. 

Given its size, the City has established thirty-five discrete Community Plans to implement the goals and policies of the General Plan at a local level. In this context, a "community" generally means an area of multiple neighborhoods, which can encompass a range of residential, commercial, transit, and industrial uses. 

Though each Community Plan is distinct, they all aim to manage development in their given areas by setting goals and policies that balance growth with retention of the existing fabric. These long-range documents are designed to encourage sustainable development in neighborhoods that can accommodate new density while reinforcing the unique character of older and historic communities. 

At this critical time in its growth, City of Los Angeles intends to update each of its thirty-five Community Plans. 

With most of the Community Plans woefully out of date, Mayor Eric Garcetti and City Council pledged in the spring of 2016 to amend each of the plans within a decade. Several are currently underway, and more than twenty remain in the queue for future revision. 

According to the City, the updated Community Plans will reflect the following objectives:

  • Integrate land use, infrastructure, and transportation improvement; 
  • Direct growth to centers while preserving established residential neighborhoods;
  • Create healthier, more livable neighborhoods and economically vital business districts that can provide more job and housing opportunities for city residents; and
  • Facilitate improved design of new and renovated structures and public spaces.

Voice your support for historic preservation and greater protections and tools to be included with the updated Hollywood Community Plan. 

Please contact your Hollywood City Council representative below!