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Lost Issues

2010 L.A. Conservancy Volunteer Party, prior to remodelling. Photo by Larry Underhill

La Villa Basque

Once incredibly intact, this 1960s restaurant was “remuddled” beyond recognition in Vernon, a city with no preservation protections.
Long Beach Courthouse. Photo by Adrian Scott Fine/L.A. Conservancy

Long Beach Civic Center

The City of Long Beach has approved plans to redevelop its Late Modern Civic Center and demolish its historic Courthouse, City Hall, and Main Library.
Demolition underway. Photo from L.A. Conservancy archives

Lou Ehlers Cadillac

This mid-century classic auto showroom was demolished in 2008 – and replaced with an auto showroom.
Photo by Jessica Hodgdon/L.A. Conservancy

Marionette Square Project - Bob Baker Marionette Theater

In 2018 the Marionette Square Project forced the Bob Baker Marionette Theater from its longtime home. In 2009, the City of Los Angeles designated the theater a Historic-Cultural Landmark for its cultural significance.
Demolished in June 2014. Photo by Adrian Scott Fine/L.A. Conservancy

Mole-Richardson Studio Depot (Demolished)

The Art Deco building at La Brea and Willoughby was unexpectedly demolished in June 2014, one in a series of recent surprise demolitions in Los Angeles. This action sets a dangerous precedent that should be acknowledged by the City of Los Angeles through appropriate mitigation.
Moore House, before and after. Photo by Flora Chou/L.A. Conservancy

Moore House

Despite intense public outcry and advocacy efforts, this highly intact home by Lloyd Wright was demolished in 2012 in a city with no preservation protections.
Photo by Adrian Scott Fine/L.A. Conservancy

Orange Julius Building

The City of Los Angeles has nominated the rare Googie walk-up stand for local landmark designation.
Photo by Hunter Kerhart

Parker Center/Police Facilities Building

The Los Angeles City Council voted in support of a plan that paves the way for the destruction of Parker Center, the Modernist former police headquarters built in 1955. It was demolished in 2019.
6879-6881 Alta Loma Terrace. Photo by Jenna Snow, 2021.

Philip Ahn/Kurt Cobain Residence

1920s Craftsman style residence with Japanese influences in Hollywood Heights was once home to actor Philip Ahn and later musicians Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love. The property was identified in SurveyLA and was considered for Historic-Cultural Monument listing in 2021 and '22.
R Building, Roosevelt High School. Photo by Vivian Escalante/Committee to Defend Roosevelt

Roosevelt High School Comprehensive Modernization Project

On May 8, the Los Angeles Board of Education voted to the approve a comprehensive modernization project at Roosevelt High School that called for demolition of several significant buildings. By Fall 2018, the historic "R" Building and Auditorium were demolished.
Photo by Larry Underhill

Seaport Marina Hotel

This Googie-style garden motel in Long Beach was demolished in October 2017.
Photos by Adrian Scott Fine/L.A. Conservancy

Senate Bill 330

New state legislation will limit a community's ability to plan thoughtfully and fully consider impacts to historic resources. SB 330 was signed into law by Governor Newsom in October, 2019.
Photo by Kevin Break

Sixth Street Viaduct

Despite years of research and consultation with experts worldwide, the 1932 Sixth Street Viaduct cannot be saved due to the alkali-silica reaction (ASR) that is slowly destroying the bridge.