Filming at the Ambassador

I worked on a movie that shot some scenes at the Ambassador Hotel -- I am originally from a small town and I have always been intrigued with Old Hollywood folklore.

One section of the movie was a recreation of Diana Ross introducing the Jackson 5 at the Cocoanut Grove -- can I just tell you how exciting it all was to be in that hotel that holds so much Hollywood history! And more specifically in the Cocoanut Grove looking at the stage that so many legendary Hollywood figures performed on. 

I imagined what it must have been like to see the room with the organic palm trees and stars sitting at tables and got a better idea of what it would have been like from a scene in "The Aviator" -- magic that you can only find in Hollywood -- those Golden Days are gone and will never be recreated -- class, style, manners ---found nowhere else in the world.

It's such a tragedy what has happened to the important links to our Hollywood past. Not one world famous "Brown Derby" left out of four? How did this happen?

Walking around the area that once held the gift shops, the lobby, and the pool area. The commanding view looking at the [Ambassador] hotel from Wilshire Blvd. -- still elegant, even in the state that it had been unfortunately allowed to deteriorate to, it was amazing, and I'm so glad to have had the experience.

Thank you for stimulating awareness of Wilshire Boulevard and for your efforts to [try and] save the Ambassador Hotel.