Preservation Report Card

A new Preservation Report Card will be issued!

The most effective protections for historic places often lie in the hands of local government. Los Angeles County has eighty-nine of them: eighty-eight cities, plus the unincorporated County government. Each of these communities operates independently and has its own protections--or lack thereof--for historic places.

This Preservation Report Card "grades" each community based on its current preservation policies. Our goal is to improve preservation at the local level by suggesting areas of improvement and recognizing communities with solid programs in place.

This microsite offers a range of ways to learn about preservation in your community and others:

About the Report Card -- explains why we do it; our methodology (including a new scoring system); introducing this digital version

Report Card Findings -- customizable table of scores and grades; summary of grades; key trends; notable improvements

How to Improve Your Score -- tips for using the findings to enhance local efforts; elements of a strong preservation program

Report Card Resources -- a growing range of tools to help communities along the way

You can also download the full report as a PDF.

The Conservancy serves as a resource for communities who want to create or improve a preservation program. For personalized technical assistance, please contact us at info@laconservancy.org or (213) 623-2489.

We hope you find this information useful, and we welcome your feedback.