Working at the Sunkist Building

I will never forget the day I started to work at Protravel in the Sunkist Building.  It was July 2004.  My boss told me that she would drive by the Sunkist building and say, "Boy, one day would I love to have our offices here."

Her dream came true when she was asked to open a branch of Protravel in Sherman Oaks in January 2003.  It was like the space was just waiting for her.  She opened with 6 agents, and today we have over 80.  

This is one of the most amazing buildings to work at.  It sits on 8.5 acres and a parking lot heaven that no other office can offer.  Their courtyard is charming with a water fountain, tables and chairs so you can sit out and have lunch or just take a break and catch up on some reading.

The building has always been kept up to a T. The building manager is the best I have ever encountered in my working years.  The location is perfect being right off the 101 and how lucky are we to have TJ's across the street and better yet, Fashion Square.  Work Shop & Eat (*.*)

We will be moving out of the building in October to another lovely building in Encino.  It will be sad especially for my boss but I am so thankful I had 10 wonderful years here.  So my boss to this day says, "Dreams do come true."