1330 Pico Boulevard | Los Angeles Conservancy
Project Rendering by HOK

1330 Pico Boulevard

This is the future site of The Albany Project, a 37-story hotel tower in the Pico-Union HPOZ. At present, a commercial building constructed in 1980 occupies the site. 

For more information on the project please go to our Albany Project issue page.

Photo by Laura Dominguez/L.A. Conservancy

Bob Mizer Residence and Studio

Photographer Bob Mizer founded one of the first erotic art publications from his studio and home in Pico-Union in the 1940s.
Photo by J. Eric Lynxwiler

St. Basil Catholic Church

St. Basil Catholic Church rises from the corner of Wilshire Boulevard and Kingsley Drive like an ancient fortress, girded with towers and bristling with jagged, three-dimensional windows of stained glass and iron.