3901 San Fernando Road (Demolished) | Los Angeles Conservancy
Photo by The Glendale Historical Society

3901 San Fernando Road (Demolished)

In 1930 Lloyd Harmond Wilson built the Mediterranean Revival style building at 3901 San Fernando Road, a two-story block with a one-story wing facing Central Avenue. It is a good and increasingly rare example of this architectural style and its application on a commercial building. 

As a prominent Glendale realtor, real estate speculator, and developer, Wilson was instrumental in the early development of the San Fernando Road corridor. Locally known as the "progressive realtor whose magic wand" dramatically increased real estate values, he personally brokered many of the deals that ultimately shaped the character of early Glendale.  

In a 1995 survey for the City of Glendale's San Fernando Road Corridor Redevelopment Project, the building was identified as "the only example of a Moorish Revival-style commercial building extant within the San Fernando Road project area." It was determined eligible for listing in the California and National registers at that time. 

Photo by Jessica Hodgdon/L.A. Conservancy.

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Photo by Laura Dominguez/L.A. Conservancy

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