Equitable Plaza | Los Angeles Conservancy
Photo from Conservancy Archives

Equitable Plaza

The thirty-four-story Equitable tower was the twenty-fifth major building along the boulevard designed by Becket's firm. It was finished in 1969, the year of Becket's death. 

The tower takes up an entire block that holds special significance in the lore of Wilshire Boulevard. 

The site encompasses the original address of the Brown Derby cafe, and also was the location of the Chapman Park Hotel. The hotel served as the Olympic village for women athletes competing in the 1932 Summer Games in Los Angeles.

Photo by Adriene Biondo

Driftwood Dairy

A very rare example of an intact drive-thru dairy, the Driftwood Dairy recently survived a demolition threat and stands as a truly spectacular example of Googie design.
Morgan Camera Shop, 2015. Photo by Laura Dominguez/L.A. Conservancy

Pete's Flowers/Morgan Camera Shop

Dating to 1938, the Pete's Flowers/Morgan Camera Shop building signifies the importance of signage in early Hollywood.