Firestone Tire and Service Center | Los Angeles Conservancy
Photo by Adriene Biondo

Firestone Tire and Service Center

Firestone Tire and Service Center has been in continuous operation since 1938. The prototype building is the sleek product of twentieth-century Machine Age design and was considered ultra modern at the time it was constructed. 

Designed in the Streamline Moderne (then known as "Modernistic") style, its aerodynamic design gives the illusion of speed, precision, and efficiency, with uninterrupted horizontal lines and rounded corners.

Original rooftop lettering sits atop the dramatic, curving canopy illuminated by fluorescent lights. The exterior is clad in original baked porcelain enamel panels of pale yellow accented with burgundy, a popular color scheme in the thirties.

Photo by Adrian Scott Fine / L.A. Conservancy

The Factory

The 1929 Factory building embodies a number of significant historical patterns in West Hollywood, from the development of the entertainment industry to the rise of nightlife visibly catering to the gay community.
Photo courtesy El Pueblo de Los Angeles Historical Monument

América Tropical

This monumental mural by acclaimed artist and muralist David Alfaro Siqueiros was deemed too controversial and was whitewashed within a few short years of its unveiling.