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Our Values

The Los Angeles Conservancy is committed to becoming a more just organization. Please read our Statement on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

Our work is grounded in the belief that historic preservation empowers and nourishes communities by creating meaningful connections between people. By preserving places and stories that matter, we encounter not only our own history, but the history of others. We find new empathy for our neighbors, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, economic means, religion, age, abilities, and more.We are incredibly grateful for our diverse community of supporters throughout L.A. County. Your commitment to our shared, tangible history inspires us to work harder to preserve and protect the full breadth of our region’s cultural inheritance.

Ours is a region known around the world for its architectural icons and resounding cultural voice. Yet as residents, we know a more personal L.A., from the panadería down the street, to the mosque around the corner, and the mural tucked away in the park.

L.A. County’s greatest strength and resource is its diversity. No single place or voice can encapsulate Greater L.A.’s history, from its triumphs to its struggles. When we confront our past in the world around us, every layer of history matters.

The board and staff of the L.A. Conservancy are Angelenos. We love our communities, and our stories are L.A. stories too. Tell us which places are important to you, and what stories you want recognized and preserved for future generations. We encourage you to ask new questions about your city and seek out and experience someone else’s L.A.

Send us an email (info@laconservancy.org) or tweet at us (@laconservancy, #LAStoryhood) and let us know how we are doing at recognizing and preserving a more inclusive version of L.A.’s history. Share your journey to learn more about your city and neighbors.